From 10 November 2020 to 10 December 2020, when you refer a friend and they successfully sign up and switch, you both receive $50 electricity credit each!

There’s no cap on the number of friends you can refer, which means significant rewards for you if they switch! Simply send referral details to your account manager/energy consultant or get your friends to mention the promotion when they sign up.

Start referring and receiving credits! Send your referrals to your Energy Consultant via Facebook Messenger here:

Terms and Conditions

To qualify for the $50+$50 referral promotion, a customer must be referred to Discover Energy, and signed up to a Discover Energy service during the promotional event period (11.10.20-12.10.20). Upon the successful switch of the referred customer, both the referrer and referee are each eligible for a $50 AUD electricity credit, which will be applied according to the rules of the below credit schedule. 

$50+$50 referral promotion rules:
The referrer must be a current customer of Discover Energy.

The $50 AUD electricity credit received by both customers will be applied following the below credit schedule:

$20 when the referee is switched, $10 when the referee pays the bill for the first time, $10 when the referee pays the bill for the second time and the final $10 when the referee pays the bill for the third time. This schedule applies to both parties.

There is no upper limit for successful referrals during the promotional period. For example: If a customer refers 10 referees who successfully sign up and switch to a Discover Energy service, the referer will receive a $50 credit for each customer, or $500 dollar electricity credit to their account.

The $50 electricity credit received by both parties are non-transferable, and both parties have the right to give up the reward.

During the promotional period, if either the referrer or the referee leaves Discover Energy for any reason, the other party is still eligible for the credit. However if the referee leaves Discover Energy, the referrer will only receive the amount of credits eligible according to the credit schedule. The referee will still receive the $50 credit for joining, even if the referrer leaves Discover Energy.

The $50 AUD electricity credit includes GST and cannot be exchanged for cash.

This activity does not conflict with Discover Energy’s “Share and Save promotion” ($30 credit for a social media share, $20 credit for 30 likes) and a customer is eligible to receive both rewards in tandem. 

The promotion “$50+$50 referral promotion” will temporarily replace the existing “$60 referral promotion” for the promotional period. Customers cannot receive both rewards in tandem. 

The final interpretation of promotional outcomes belongs to Discover Energy.

Discover Energy may, at its absolute discretion, either decline to apply the $50+$50 referral promotion or, if it has already been applied, remove the $50+$50 referral promotion credit from the relevant account where Discover Energy reasonably believes that the referrer or referee are taking unfair advantage of this offer.

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