Smart Meters: What you need to know

Smart meters are popping up everywhere in Aussie homes and businesses, replacing manual read meters. But there’s still a lot of misinformation about what smart meters actually do, whether they are safe and how they affect your electricity experience. Here is a helpful guide on smart meters and its benefits – including some that you might not be aware of!

Discover Energy partners with Sungrow to jumpstart the future of energy trading in Australia

Australian energy retailer, Discover Energy is pleased to announce the full API integration of their Virtual Power Plant platform with leading global inverter brand, Sungrow.

Discover Energy – Công ty điện đầu tiên của Úc có gói dịch vụ dành riêng cho cộng đồng Việt Nam

Là công ty 100% của Úc, có trụ sở tại Sydney, Discover Energy là đơn vị đầu tiên cung cấp dịch vụ điện gas “đo ni đóng giày” cho cộng đồng người Việt đang sinh sống ở Úc. Dù mới ra mắt thị trường, song Discover Energy đã mạnh dạn đi bước tiên phong, mong muốn mang đến những trải nghiệm tốt nhất với chi phí hợp lý.

昆州,南澳能源补助大解析,Discover Energy可以为你获取哪些补贴呢?

澳洲作为高福利国家之一,会给一些需要帮助的人群提供各种不同的优惠补贴。上周我们介绍了新南威尔士政府给的一些福利补贴, 点击回顾。 这周就为居住在昆士兰和阿德莱德的客户分析, 如果您符合领取政府福利的条件,Discover Energy可以代表昆州和南澳政府帮助您获取的各种优惠。 QLD 昆士兰州 QLD(昆士兰州)的能源援助计划有4种, DE可以为我们的客户申请3种援助计划,包括: 电费返款(Electricity Rebate) 家庭能源经济援助(Home Energy Emergency Assistance – HEEA) 电力资产所有权红利(Electricity Asset Ownership Dividend) 以下这2种援助则需要符合条件的居民在政府网站申请: 医疗冷暖电力优惠计划(Medical Cooling and Heating Electricity Concession Scheme) 生命维持设备优惠计划(Electricity Life Support Concession Scheme) 现在,就手把手一步步的教你如何获得政府的能源援助: 电费返款(electricity rebate) STEP 1 检查是否符合申请条件 获得该项补助需要满足以下四个条件: 1.居住在QLD昆士兰州 2.在自己的名下拥有电力账户 3.该账户的地址是主要的地址 4.拥有以下其中一张卡: Centrelink或退伍军人事务部颁发的退休优惠卡(Pensioner Concession Card) Centrelink医疗保健卡(Centrelink Health Care Card) 昆士兰政府老年卡 (Queensland Government Seniors Card) 具有寻求庇护身份的过桥签证持有人(Bridging Visa Holders, […]

Smart Home Hack! Bulk Food Recipe: Tasty Granola with Cacao

Did you know that food wastage accounts 8% of our total greenhouse emissions? While most food wastage happens even before it arrives on your plate, we all can still make a powerful impact by managing our food habits and avoiding waste with smart consumption. One of the best ways to do this and save money […]

新州能源补助大解析, 看看Discover Energy可以为你获取哪些补贴

澳洲作为高福利国家之一,会给一些需要帮助的人群提供各种不同的优惠补贴。不过不同州的政府给的政策和资格条件也都会有所不同,而且可能不时的会有变化。 如果您符合领取政府福利的条件,Discover Energy可以代表州政府帮助您获取的各种优惠。 那么我们就来看看,Discover Energy可以为你申请哪些补贴。  NSW 新南威尔士州 NSW (新南威尔士州)的能源援助计划有6种, 其中DE可以为客户申请以下4种援助:低收入家庭返款(Low Income Household Rebate) 生命维持设备返款(Life Support Rebate) 医疗能源费返款(Medical Energy Rebate) 新南威尔士天然气返款(NSW GAS Rebate) 以下2种援助则需要符合条件的居民在政府网站申请: 家庭能源费返款(Family Energy Rebate – FER) 能源账户经济援助(Energy Accounts Payment Assistance(EAPA) Scheme) 现在,就手把手一步步的教你如何获得政府的能源援助: 低收入家庭返款(Low Income Household Rebate) STEP 1 检查是否符合申请条件 获得该项补助需要满足以下四个条件: 1.居住在NSW 新南威尔士州 2.在自己的名下拥有电力账户 3.该账户的地址是主要的地址 4.拥有以下其中一张卡: Centrelink或退伍军人事务部颁发的抚恤金特许卡( Pensioner Concession Card) Centrelink医疗保健卡(Centrelink Health Care Card) 退伍军人事务部颁发的金卡标记为因为战争牺牲的军人家属;完全永久丧失工作能力或极端残疾的人士(Department of […]