Minimum operational demand: What does this mean for VPP customers?

Our VPP Solution Manager, Javad Jazaeri explains the challenge of minimal operational demand in our electricity grid and how virtual power plants (#VPP) – and Discover Energy’s new Smart Feed-in Algorithm – can mitigate it.

Discover Energy’s first Smart Feed-In trial will run for 3 months with selected VPP customers in South Australia to evaluate the algorithm and enhance its performance if needed.

Introducing the Discover Energy VPP Premium Plan!

With the Discover Energy VPP Premium Plan, Eligible battery and solar customers will be able to enjoy a market-leading 30c solar feed-in-tariff for their first 3.28kwh exported per day* in addition to profit sharing from energy trading. Being paid for electricity rather than paying for it is the future energy. With Discover Energy VPP, the […]

5 Minute Energy Settlements: What does this mean for VPP customers?

On October 1, 2021, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) – who is responsible for the settlement of all electricity bought and sold through the National Electricity Market – made significant changes to their wholesale settlement process, allowing them to settle wholesale energy on a 5-minute basis in line with the 5-minute settlement process of dispatch generators. One question we’ve been asked by some Discover Energy customers, is how these changes by AEMO may affect our services, and specifically for our Virtual Power Plant (VPP).

Discover Energy VPP reaches 1000 households!

In September, Discover Energy achieved the incredible milestone of 1000 households connected to the Discover Energy VPP (Virtual Power Plant)! This means that more than 1000 households across Australia are achieving independence from the grid, producing renewable energy and being rewarded for it through Discover Energy’s VPP benefits including premium feed-ins (Premium Offer/Victorian Offer) and […]