Discover Energy – Cheaper, Smarter and Greener

Australians have been hit year after year with rising power prices, until now! Household budgets have been put under stress due to large power companies’ excessive profits, network inefficiencies and old technologies.

Discover Energy is combining the latest in digital technology, solar and batteries to form a Virtual Power Plant. Rather than a centralized coal fired power plant from the 1950’s, from the old power companies, we are combining thousands of solar and battery systems in the cloud to form a power plant that feeds the local area when needed.  

We have achieved this through revolutionary software developed by our software engineers in-house, to connect solar and battery systems in the cloud to aggregate together to form one large power plant. Best of all, this technology allows you to have cheaper, smarter and greener energy fed to your home.

Discover Energy is unique in the Australian electricity market. We are an energy retailer that focuses on renewable energy from solar panels and batteries. Our heritage is based in the solar industry with a focus on replacing our ageing energy generators with a new breed of localized power generation and storage.

If just one fifth of the Australian solar households added a battery, it would provide the same energy storage capacity as the Snowy 2.0 project, achieved in half the time. You have the power to make a difference.

There is an opportunity to become a part of a united and growing Home Solar Army, with new battery and distribution technology promising to transform our energy system from the bottom up.

Currently, home solar installed without a battery is causing problems because it’s crowding the market when the sun shines in the middle of the day, when what we really need is to use it when we’re at home in the morning and evening. Batteries connected to our Virtual Power Plant is the solution.

By switching your electricity company to Discover Energy you will

  • Buy mostly power generated from rooftop solar and stored in batteries
  • If you have solar and batteries, maximize your returns by profit sharing in the trading of your stored energy
  • Be doing your bit to reduce carbon emissions in this country
  • Be a part of the revolution to renewable energy
  • Save money on cheaper, smarter and greener energy

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