Discover Energy is launching a new, game-changing offer: the VPP Premium Plan! With the VPP Premium Plan, Eligible battery and solar customers will be able to enjoy a market-leading 45c solar feed-in-tariff for their first 300 kwh exported per quarter* in addition to profit sharing from energy trading.

Being paid for electricity rather than paying for it is the future energy. With Discover Energy VPP, the future is already here. 

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Terms and Conditions

As part of the Discover Energy VPP Premium Offer, Solar Feed-in will be paid at the following rates:

  • First 300kwh per quarter: 45c/kwh
  • Next 300kwh per quarter: 25c/kwh
  • All remaining kwh: 9c/kwh 

All usage thresholds will be calculated daily. You can end this Energy Plan at any time.You must have a maximum inverter capacity of 10KW and have a maximum PV generating capacity of 13.3KW. Discover Energy VPP Approved Operated Products only. Eligible inverter brands are GoodWe, Sungrow, Solar Edge and Alpha ESS.

Here’s an example of what VPP customers receive in lieu of a traditional electricity bill:

A Smart Energy Report

An account summary featuring debits for electricity use and credits for energy sold 

As you can see here, this account is in credit. This customer can actually cash out their $133.93 credit, should they wish.

You also receive a solar system report that captures your consumption, feed-in to the grid and energy trading. 

Own a solar and battery system? Click Here to find out more about how you can join the DE VPP movement. Phone 1300 946 898 or 0422424064, or email:

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